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What's So Great About Digital Hearing Aids?

Digital Hearing Aids have brought major improvements in the quality of sound reproduction. In earlier times, hearing aids were quite large and cumbersome. The sound reproduction was such that it amplified noise to the same if not higher levels than speech.

Speech in more complex and louder environments was largely distorted with very little or no intelligibility.  Use of such devices was altogether unsatisfactory.  Consequently, hearing instruments often quickly found their way into a drawer.

Now, digital hearing aids are available. The same technology that is being used to program the microchips of computers is being utilized in digitally
programmable hearing aids.

Digital hearing aids quickly convert sounds into a series of numbers. The computer chip inside of the hearing aid quickly processes and arranges that series of numbers many millions of times per second to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable, while simultaneously reducing background noise.

Users say they sound more like normal hearing than the older analog aids.

Some models even have special programs for specific listening situations. For some of the best hearing aids 2022 has to offer, check out our Hearing Rehab Department.