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Allergy Treatment

What Are My Treatment Options?

There are two basic methods of treating allergies. First, remove the allergen from the patient’s environment (avoidance) and control symptoms by drugs; or, second, attempt to build up the patient’s resistance to the allergens to which they are sensitive by injections of small amounts of antigen at regular intervals (immunotherapy).

What Is Avoidance?

The elimination of the offending allergen from the patient’s environment is the method of treatment that is preferred. If the allergen is animal hair, the offending animal is removed from the patient’s environment. If it is food, the food is restricted or eliminated. If it is house dust, one can curtail the dust in the sleeping area and the rest of the house wherever it is possible.

In such cases, the amount of relief from symptoms is directly proportionate to the thoroughness with which the allergens are eliminated. Learn About Immunotherapy >

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