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Allergy Testing

What Is The First Step?

The first step in treating an allergic patient is to detect which substances of allergens are the major offenders. Testing allergens on the skin will identify possible suspects. MQT combined with intradermal testing is used most often in our office. MQT (Modified-Quantitative Testing) is a simple skin test that is applied to your forearm. It does not break the skin and is virtually painless. Intradermal testing involves injecting an antigen just beneath the skin and reading the reaction. This test is also quite simple and virtually painless.

An accurate and close observation over a long period of time of the patient’s environment, habits, and diet may help identify allergens.

The physicians of CBENT test for inhalant and food allergies. Inhalant allergies are tested for using skin testing or RAST (blood). You have already been tested in some fashion for inhalant allergies, and the results of that testing were used to create allergy serum for injections for you.

Then What?
Based on the results of your test and the severity and the persistence of your allergies, you may be placed on immunotherapy and instructed on how to avoid certain allergens. However, there is the possibility that you may just begin avoidance but you must continue your antihistamine. This is a decision that is made by you and your health care provider.

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