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Every other Tuesday and Wednesday rotates late hours until 6:00pm. Please call the office if you have any questions.

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Hague Medical Center (HMC) - New!

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The Corporate Landing Office proves what we have always known to be true: small town medicine has a place in the city.

Everyone, regardless of where he or she lives, wants the care of skilled providers, who are leaders in their field, coupled with excellent treatment by excellent staff.

Patients who visit our offices constantly praise our unsurpassed technical skill and medical acumen. That we deliver this quality of care in a warm, welcoming environment is sometimes hard for them to believe. Modern medical care has become so business oriented that patients feel like a number instead of an individual.

At Chesapeake Bay ENT Corporate Landing we have bucked this trend and have gone in the opposite direction. At each of our offices, each patient is assigned a Personal Coordinator whose job it is to take care of everything he or she needs from our office.

Hague Medical Center (HMC) Staff

Dr. Scott Saffold, MD

Dr. Scott Saffold, MD

Board Certified Otolaryngologist
Katie L. Myers

Katie L. Myers

Office Manager
Harold Taffe

Harold Taffe

Personal ENT Coordinators
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